5 Ways Athletes Use Chiropractic Care for Performance Enhancement (And How You Can Too!)

Written By Scottsdale Spinal Healthcare on August 9, 2018

Did you know that 90% of the world’s athletes use chiropractic care?

This number might surprise you at first, but once you know the benefits of this effective treatment (and have tried it yourself), you will quickly discover why chiropractors are so popular.

Though chiropractors provide treatment for sports injuries, regular visits can also help with performance enhancement and help prevent new injuries. This isn’t just a tool used by athletes, millions of people around the world use chiropractic care to help them engage in healthy living. 

5 Ways Chiropractic Care Improves Performance Enhancement

Chiropractors believe that your entire body needs to work together for optimal performance. Here are the top 5 benefits of chiropractic care for athletes and anyone trying to live a healthier lifestyle:

1. Provides Pain Relief

The spine is at the center of chiropractic care. Since joints, muscles, nerves, discs, and ligaments are all interconnected, chiropractors perform spinal manipulation, or adjustments, to fix irregular alignment.

Manual adjustments relieve pain at the source to get your entire body working properly. This reduces pain, increases range of motion and restores your body to optimal function.

2. Enhances Performance 

The core of athletic performance is to reach your personal best. To achieve this, chiropractors address issues with your entire body, not just in one part. This kind of treatment improves performance enhancement because you are completely engaged.

3. No Drugs or Invasive Surgery

Unlike medical options, chiropractors do not use opioids or invasive surgery for treatment. This allows athletes to bounce back faster with no side effects.

4. Improves Energy and Mental Health

Physical performance relies on more than strength. To be at the top of your game, you must also focus on speed, flexibility, coordination and your mental health.

Feeling better physically will help you feel better mentally and emotionally. Many chiropractors also offer nutritional advice and supplementation, exercise plans, massage and acupuncture.

5. It’s for Everyone

No matter what sport you play, or your athletic capabilities, chiropractic care will have a positive impact on your overall health. 

Every chiropractic treatment plan is designed based on the individual to accommodate low and high impact physical lifestyles. The goal is to relieve pain and improve performance.

Find a Chiropractor that Can Help

Whether you’re a veteran athlete or just want to live a healthier lifestyle, the chiropractic services of Scottsdale Spinal Healthcare can help.

Dr. Martin W. Kollasch will design a treatment plan that’s right for you. Achieve optimum performance by taking the first step. Schedule an appointment with us today!

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