K-Laser Therapy for Chronic Muscle Pain

Written By Scottsdale Spinal Healthcare on May 1, 2018

When your back is hurting, it’s hard to concentrate on work — or even on your family or social life. 

Many people have the tendency to either quit moving or overstretch when their muscles ache, which just makes matters worse.

Or, they rely on pain medications, and noone wants to keep on popping acetaminophen or ibuprofen all day, either. That’s just not healthy.

So, what’s the answer to chronic muscle pain, especially in your back or neck? Laser therapy.

Non-Invasive, Gentle Laser Therapy Works 

Studies show that K-Laser therapy gently and easily relieves muscle pain using both red and near-red light wavelengths to enhance tissue healing.

The laser works by increasing circulation to the injury, which helps draw in necessary oxygen, water, and nutrients. This process promotes healing by coaxing damaged tissues to regenerate. 

This therapy helps reduce swelling, stiffness, and pain and relaxes the spasms in your muscles, giving you relief in as few as four treatments, although it varies depending on injury severity.

It even feels nice. Laser therapy is a bit like a soothing massage, where you may feel tingling or warmth during treatment. Afterwards, the treated areas might be a bit sensitive, but you can begin to feel better after one treatment in some cases.

My Back Hurts — How Do I Get Treated?

Maybe you felt a twinge the last time you played through one of the fantastic golf courses here in Scottsdale. Or perhaps you lifted something too heavy, or even just slept in an awkward position overnight.

No matter what triggered your muscle pain, a K-Laser therapy treatment is be a great way to get you on the road to recovery.

But first, you need to find a competent practitioner.

Trust Scottsdale Spinal Healthcare to Ease Your Pain

At Scottsdale Spinal Healthcare, we have the tools and the knowledge to treat your pain gently, quickly, and non-invasively.

Dr. Martin Kollasch, is a noted Chiropractor who’s been on the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners for over twenty years. During this time, he amassed a wealth of knowledge about safe and effective integrative healthcare, including the sciences of chiropractic, physical medicine modalities (including laser therapy), acupuncture, and nutrition. 

At Scottsdale Spinal Healthcare, he combines a state-of-the-art clinic with in-depth experience treating pain syndromes and injuries in a non-surgical, non-invasive, drug-free manner. 

If you are suffering from back pain or any chronic muscle pain, you owe it to yourself to experience the healing power of the K-Laser therapy. 

Contact us through our website or call (480) 948-6020 to make an appointment today so you can start feeling better tomorrow. 

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